This onesie has been hiding for far too long in the cookie jar!

THE COOKIE MONSTER ONESIE mwwwwwaaaaaah! :D And some kaleidoscope transparent framed glasses =^^=

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, this week has been bananas as we introduced the first of the Mens Primark Onesie selection! Without a doubt you'll find something for your special someone or best friend! Whether they are into super heroes, animals or plain and simple Christmas Festival goers! If your man is a colourful creature - take a look at the Crocodile onesie and the Parrot onesie! The Reindeer Twosie and Panda Twosie are also newbies, so don't forget about them! :) 

As for the Primark Women's Onesie collection - we have added some friends such as the pug dog onesie, white tiger onesie, and a personal favourite, the leopard cheetah onesie <3



It is just over 2 weeks until Christmas so get your Christmas orders in as soon as possible to ensure that they arrive in time to go under the Christmas tree!

Lots of love,

Primark Onesie Angels xxxxx